Bad request
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{"message":"Over Concurrency Limit.","error":"Bad Request","statusCode":400} import requests Your Vapi API key vapi_api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Endpoint for creating a phone call url = "" Headers including the Authorization header with your API key headers = { "Authorization": f"Bearer {vapi_api_key}", "Content-Type": "application/json" } The payload for creating a phone call Adjustments include the correct placement and structure for assistantId and customer details. payload = { "assistantId": "c22a9e72-9562-4e0c-882e-63fb0a222125", # The ID of the assistant to be used for the call "customer": { "name": "Алексей", # Name of the customer being called "number": "+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" # Phone number of the customer being called }, "type": "outboundPhoneCall", # Type of the call What coul be the reason? I have tried to change the voice providers, LLMs, etc. Balance on Vapi is still positive. Coul that be overloading of the VAPI servers? Thanks!
over concurrency limit just means you're over concurrency. there is a known bug where it sometime times a bit to reset active calls. feel free to email if you run into this unexpectedly