Webkit/Tauri Support?
# support
Hi! Was looking into using VapiAI in Tauri but I get the following error when trying to run the application:
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error: unsupported browser: UnsupportedError: device not supported
Meeting ended in error: Your browser is not supported for this call
Ignoring settings for browser- or platform-unsupported input processor(s): audio
call has stopped
I believe this is because webkit may not be supported?
ah i'm not sure, could you port the code to electron? does it work out of the box
tested with electron and it does work out of the box
tested with safari and works (when all extensions are disabled)
this is on macos sonoma
it fails on tauri v 1.6 and the 2.0 beta
gotcha, could you send me some minimum reproducible code? will send over to daily.co team to debug
here u go!
thanks! sending it over
whoops, seem it had a limit of 24 hours. mind sending a copy?
"I would have guessed it would work. Possibly try spoofing the user agent string from current Chrome or Safari and seeing if that helps?"
Also heard this back