Share a twilio numbers between a CRM and
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As the title, I connected my twilio numbers to my CRM, which I can use to send/receive call, text, and listen to call recordings. My idea is when connecting the same twilio SID using the same phone numbers, the call recordings from VAPI will be stored and showed in my CRM. Is it possible? The use case here is to provide this AI call for our clients and they can monitor and listen to the call inside the CRM.
Hello! Very cool use case. Will follow up with thwe team and get back to you
You could route this to Zapier / Pipedream like platform and add details to your CRM
My crm is using twilio to display all call recording in the crm. Are u saying this server url can send back the data to twilio so it stores the call recording??
I recently implemented this feature for a client. You can activate it by inputting your server URL in the Advanced section. This will start generating reports for each call. With a few additional adjustments, you can achieve the functionality you desire.