OpenAI System Message vs Silent Text Message Syste...
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I'm trying to understand the distinction between regular system messages, like OpenAI 'system' messages (afaik OpenAI only takes 1 system message at the start of a conversation) — & the silent text message system messages (are they injected as 'system' messages in the message stream?). It seems that we're injecting more system messages into the chat conversation, but I believe you're only supposed to have 1 system message at the start of a conversation. Just trying to reason about how this interacts with the first/initial system message in the conversation. Maybe I just need to experiment.
Actually, looks like you can have multiple system messages:
Also, Silent Text message is when you want to add a message programatically to the message history or as an instruction. It could be system message or a user message as well. THis is more on the client sdk
I am trying to send a sdk client side message, and it may have worked ... however... where does it show up? I am looking in the Vapi dashboard under Calls > Transcript but I cant see my messages. Now, this could be an error on my part, so I wanted to check if they are indeed stored here.
Does this go into the chat history within the assistant history? Eg. Is it viewable... im trying to validate my call are correct... but an unsure if they appear here or not. (Or elsewhere 🤔)
Transcript only includes assisatnt and user messages not the system messages.
But the system messages are in the message history being used during the conversation.
You can also trigger user message by setting the role to user using vapi.send function as mentioned in the docs.
Ok, cool I'll test the user messages to ensure data is being received. In relation to the tool, function options, I'm interested to know the difference in this context, if you know? I assume the function role specifies a function to be run you've setup, however, there is no mention of what the tool role does on vapi
Got it working, was tricky ... but now I can make her say 'peanuts' amongst other things... can change the system prompt on the fly from mynweb app during the call.