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"Hi, I'm trying to create a scenario in to make an HTTP request from to When I run the code, it seems that I don't receive a call on the given phone number. How can I solve this problem?" this the code i used: curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer ' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --data '{ "assistantId": "", "customer": { "name": "", "number": "" }, "type": "outboundPhoneCall" }'
I think you need to fill out the curl from the documentation page, you are missing a lot of the required fields, then I would suggest testing out first on Postman and then creating the http module on Make
@tahia0974 I am trying to do the same. Let's work together. I am in Australia. How about you?
do you have the phone number? you have to provide the phone numbers settings as well. either phone number id, or provide twilio sid based on the documentation. i use Make too and it works for me
i see this as well in hand 🙂 much appreciated, and love to see the collaboration. let me know if i can help
Hi Muhlis, Thanks for the advice, it works now! 🥳 This URL was very helpful for debugging and testing:
Hi Insight Guy, Good to hear! I'm from the Netherlands. I'm not a developer, but it works now. I have used this code in in the request content section, if it is any helpful: { "assistant": { "backgroundSound": "office", "model": { "model": "claude-3-sonnet-20240229", "provider": "anthropic" }, "transcriber": { "provider": "deepgram", "model": "nova-2", "language": "nl" }, "voice": { "provider": "11labs", "voiceId": "voiceIdNumber" } }, "phoneNumber": { "twilioAccountSid": "actualTwilioAccountSid", "twilioAuthToken": "actualTwilioAuthToken", "twilioPhoneNumber": "actualTwilioPhoneNumber" }, "customer": { "number": "actualCustomerNumber, for example: +31312345678", "extension": "", "name": "customername" }, "assistantId": "actualAssistantId as seen in vapidashboard" }
Awesome. Great timing. I'm attempting this again later today. Thanks so much for sharing @tahia0974
I've managed to get this working as above but the call comes through to me an hangs up immediately before the assistant talks. Any idea why?
Wht is this setting : Reject connections that are using unv.... I can't sen the end of the word. It is set to true
Nevermind. It was my voice id that didn't work from a custom voice in playht. Not sure why.
apologies for late response, but glad it resolved 🙂
@Brendan OKeefe @tahia0974 Is it possible that I could send you guys a message? I am looking to make this easier in Make and am looking for feedback.
Hello, I am trying out Vapi, created a few assistants on the dashboard. Where should I integrate the assistantid in the cUrl
I am using Xano, but I would say it should be pretty similar that the http request in Make
@iamsylvain @Chowderr pm me and we can chat over the weekend. I'm in Australia+11 GMT
What if im using vonage ?