Very Strange Giberish on this call.
# support
50baf79b-1b31-4c2b-9a22-19093680b461 He was ranting about I cant even tell you. but take a listen.
at 17 the ai starts to shit its pants
Sorry for dropping the ball on this. Did you get to the bottom of this?
Not entirely but I think it may be the temperature. This hasn't happened since however could probably close this out.
It seems like the internal prompt may be causing the issue, as it occasionally happens even when instructions have been given not to mention them, and despite using the GPT4 model. So, I think this much have occurred only on few calls? In addition, I encountered a similar problem when I selected a different language voice. Therefore, also check your voice settings. // @Alexi
Ya, does seem hallucination. Not sure what triggered it though. 3.5 should be robust to this by now
Maybe try Claude Haiku
@nikhil have you been getting good results with Haiku? Found in comparison that it was not as good at roleplaying compared to gpt 3.5/groq with the same prompt
i know it expects different style of prompting
maybe try stuff?