phone number text after call
# support
i want to be able to send a text message to the user after a phone call, is there any way i can do that with a phone number i buy from vapi, if not should i try twillio or the other one. i want to ultimately be able to collet tehir email adress to send them a thank u email, but i was thinking of having an automated text that askes them for it because I already have their phone number
my response from general: I think from our API, after the call you'd have to trigger a function call to your server, and it would be your server logic that would handle the actual sending of text through a SMS service. However, with our Pipedream Dashboard integration, there might be an easier way. Pipedream is integrated with a bunch of third-parties apps, including Twilio. So, I'm thinking that if we setup a workflow to handle triggering a function call after the phone call ends to initiate the texting action in Pipedream which I dont think would be hard, we could add on the texting through Twilio SMS