Forward google voice to VAPI
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So I'm trying to forward calls from my Google Voice # to the VAPI # - I purchased a # in order to do so I must submit the code that Google is sending...I just don't know where to retrieve the code 😦 #googlevoice
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Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
I didn’t get your question. Do you need help with call forwarding or something?
Ok I will explain again:
In order to FORWARD my google # to VAPI or anywhere I need to link it first
So after inputting the VAPI number or the Twilio # (I already had) - either way I am not able to link because I am not receiving the code.
Im not receiving the code in VAPI nor at Twilio - I must not have settings setup properly to receive a code.
Does that make sense?
Help me set this up, so I can get a code so I can forward my Google voice to VAPI
Hello, I'm still waiting on help. Let me know if you understand
@Xavier Ram Can you join OH and ask this question?
What is OH??
Office Hour