When VAPI is interrupted then the voice should NOT...
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Play.ai do not fade out their voice when the voice is interrupted and neither should VAPI. The service sounds fake if the voice is faded out because which human fades their voice when inturrupted ? The voice should just STOP talking immediately. Please fix this for natural sounding conversations
Hi @dst19, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Introduction]() * [Implementing Realtime Conversation]() * [Orchestration Models]() * [List Assistants]() -----------------------------
### Answer I understand your concern about ensuring the voice interaction with Vapi feels as natural and human-like as possible, including how interruptions are handled. Currently, the detailed behavior of voice interruption, such as whether the voice fades out or cuts off immediately upon interruption, isn't explicitly covered in the documentation I can access. Given your feedback, it seems like a valuable consideration for enhancing the realism of the voice AI interactions. Vapi focuses on providing low latency and high reliability in voice AI applications for developers, aiming for natural human conversation dynamics [(1)]() [(2)]() . Your input on making voice interruptions more immediate and less like a fade-out to mimic human conversation more closely is appreciated and could be considered for future improvements. For specific feature requests or feedback, it might be helpful to share your thoughts directly with the Vapi team, where it can be considered for future updates to the platform.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
call_id pls
this happens on all calls
not just one
can you send me one latest call_id
Also, did you try using GPT4
around 4:10 i get interrupted
It's not the model I'm complaining about
Model works perfectly fine
its when the agent's voice is inturrupted the voice has a 'fade out' effect
do you know what I mean by fade out?
the voice goes from loud to soft voice over 1 sec
that sounds fake
it should just stop immediately
Is it fixed?
updated ticket
Can you let me know your thoughts on this though?
Just a min let me check it.
Basically, this occur because the bot is interrupting the user which shouldn’t be the case. It mostly happens when theirs is too much background voice or a foreign language which isn’t the case for you tho! We are working on improving a background noise cancellation part. For now, you can play around with LLM Delay and responseDelay. This will help you to fix this issue.