Deepgram voices skipping and malfunctioning
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Firstly great work from the Vapi team. 4b3cb52c-caf6-49d2-b4ed-b411b9385863 The voices from Deepgram are currently malfunctioning and cost me several hours of debugging only to change the voice provider and the problem disappeared. The assistant would say the first-message perfectly but was unable to say anything else but rather static and cracking voices, but it does show in the transcript that it said something meaningful. Is this something we should be weary of?
Hi @kolaposki, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer It seems like you encountered an issue related to the voice output when using Deepgram with your Vapi assistant. While I couldn't find a direct reference to issues with Deepgram voices malfunctioning in the provided information sources, it's worth noting that Deepgram is primarily used as a transcription (speech-to-text) provider rather than for voice (text-to-speech) output in Vapi's ecosystem [(1)]() . For issues related to voice output, Vapi supports several other text-to-speech providers such as PlayHT, ElevenLabs, and Azure, among others [(1)]() [(2)]() . If the problem disappears when switching providers, it may suggest a compatibility or configuration issue specific to the voice settings or the integration with Deepgram. To troubleshoot and prevent such issues, ensure that: - Your transcriber and voice provider configurations are correctly set up in the Vapi dashboard. - The chosen voice provider and voice ID are correctly configured and supported for the intended language or use case . If issues persist, it could be beneficial to explore documentation or community discussions for any known issues with specific voice providers or configurations, like those mentioned in community forums [(3)]() . Remember, for any specific technical issue or bug, it's also a good practice to review the latest documentation or reach out to the platform's community or forums for support, as they may have more up-to-date information or fixes for known issues.