All my AI agents are down
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An error occurred in this call: pipeline-error-openai-llm-failed. Please help! I haven't changed anything at all. all my settings are the same. Since Friday night, been getting this error when calling my AI Agents. PLEASE HELP
Hi @Sam, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Call Ended Reason]() * [Create Phone Call]() * [List Calls]() * [Get Call]() -----------------------------
### Answer The "pipeline-error-openai-llm-failed" error indicates a failure within the processing pipeline related to the Large Language Models (LLMs) used for understanding and generating text [(1)]() . This error could be a result of various issues, including integration problems with OpenAI or a temporary outage on their end. Given that everything on your end has remained unchanged, this could point towards a temporary issue either with the Vapi integration with OpenAI or a problem directly at OpenAI. It's noted in discussions among users that similar issues have occasionally occurred but often get resolved [(2)]() . While the exact cause and resolution might not be directly available in the provided documents, considering the nature of such issues, they are often resolved by the service provider. If the problem persists, ensuring that all your setup configurations are correct and that there have been no changes in the OpenAI service that require updates on your end could be helpful steps.
call_id pls
the thing is I haven't changed anything, the AI agents were working perfectly early Friday. things went down hill end of day Friday, sat and sun and today. don't know what went wrong!
but it used to work! what have changed?
no longer able to process larger context size?
this is critical data that i can't reduce!
i mean it was working! i will lose a lot of information if i reduce the prompt from 15K to 8K. any idea if this limitation is new??
Can you send some previous call_ids which used to work?
Set the llm model to this model gpt-4-0125-preview using API reference it will fix this issue.
how can I do that please?
Fill these details and you can do it via that
or just share me your assistant id and your account email address in dm i will do it for you!
that would be great, because i am lost in this list lol