how can i get incoming call phone number
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I would like to know if its possible to get the phone number list used by incoming callers to my bot
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----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [List Phone Numbers]() * [Get Phone Number]() * [Delete Phone Number]() * [Import Twilio Number]() -----------------------------
### Answer To get the phone number of incoming callers to your bot on Vapi, you would typically access such information from the call's metadata or details provided during the call setup or handling process. However, based on the provided documentation, there are no direct mentions of an API endpoint or method specifically designed for listing all the phone numbers used by incoming callers in a consolidated list. You can handle incoming calls and access information about those calls, such as the assistant being used, the server URL, and potentially the phone number, through configurations when setting up your phone number in Vapi. For handling incoming calls, you would configure an
that the incoming call should use, and the call's details would be managed based on the configuration you set for that phone number, including the server URL which can process the call data [(1)]() [(2)]() . For more specific functionalities or retrieving detailed call information, including the caller's phone number during the call, you might want to examine the
Get Call
[(3)]() endpoint documentation, which could provide insights on the call's details but doesn't directly address listing all incoming caller numbers. If there are newer features or APIs available beyond the scope of the provided documentation, directly consulting the official Vapi documentation or their updates might offer additional capabilities related to handling and accessing incoming call data.
You can get those details please look into community videos many people have posted about inbound calls
Glad I could be helpful. Feel free to create a new thread with any new questions you may have.
Hi @Sahil . I spent a while reading previous discussions on inbound and incoming numbers but would be grateful if you could clarify a bit further (still learning the ropes). If I understand correctly, I can get the incoming number by running a 'Get Call' API request. But how do I get the call ID during the call itself to pass to the 'Get Call' request? I know I can get it after the call, via the end of call report, but not sure how to get it live during the call?
What is your usecase and could you please create a new support thread for it?
Please explain it with example.