playHT not connecting
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I’m trying to figure out why my playHT account is not connecting when plugging in the username and api key in the vapi interface. It was working a few days ago, but I logged in today and none of my agents will work if they are using a playHT voice. I’ve checked my playHT account and everything is fine. Here is the vapi error message I see when trying to connect the playHT account (I’ve tried revoking and and generating a new key multiple times and still have this error). Most recent call id with this issue: 4cb0528a-9a78-4de1-b6f7-31196fc072e3
Hi @Kent, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer Based on the details you've shared, particularly the error with your PlayHT account not connecting through Vapi, it's important to consider a few factors that could be influencing this issue. While the official documentation does not directly address issues related to third-party services like PlayHT, there have been discussions in the community that might shed some light. 1. **Double-Checking Credentials**: As you have already double-checked your PlayHT API Key and User ID, issues like 401 errors typically indicate authentication problems. According to a community discussion, ensuring the accuracy of these details is crucial, as even minor discrepancies can lead to authorization failures [(1)]() . 2. **Account Subscription Status**: Another aspect that has been highlighted is the subscription status on PlayHT. If you are using a plan with limited credits or features, you might encounter issues when those limits are reached or when trying to access certain features not included in your plan [(2)]() . 3. **Error Codes and Descriptions**: The specific error message you've encountered can also provide insights. If you're seeing a
error, it suggests a problem in the communication or processing pipeline with PlayHT. This could be due to a range of issues from exceeded quotas to temporary service disruptions. Unfortunately, without direct access to more detailed logs or the ability to interrogate system configurations, these suggestions are based on common issues users have faced and shared in community forums. Since your PlayHT account appears to be in good standing and you've already attempted generating new keys, it might also be helpful to review any recent changes to the PlayHT API
or Vapi's integration requirements that could affect connectivity. For more personalized assistance, you might consider reaching out directly to Vapi's or PlayHT's support for help with troubleshooting this issue, as they could provide more specific guidance based on your account and usage details.
Can you tell me you are in which plan with playHT?