Deepgram voice malfunctioning
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Call-ID: 4b3cb52c-caf6-49d2-b4ed-b411b9385863 The voices from Deepgram are currently malfunctioning and cost me several hours of debugging only to change the voice provider and the problem disappeared. The assistant would say the first-message perfectly but was unable to say anything else but rather static and cracking voices, but it does show in the transcript that it said something meaningful. Is this something we should be weary of?
Hi @kolaposki, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer I understand how frustrating technical issues like these can be, especially when it affects your development process. The documents provided don't detail specific troubleshooting steps for issues with voice providers like Deepgram or scenarios involving static and cracking voices during calls. However, Vapi's architecture allows for swapping out different components, such as the voice provider, to tailor the system to your needs. This flexibility can be critical when encountering issues with specific providers [(1)]() . For the problem you described, it seems you've already taken a practical step by switching to a different voice provider, which resolved the issue. This suggests that the problem might have been specific to the interaction between Vapi and the Deepgram voice services at that time. If issues like this persist or you encounter other anomalies, considering the architecture of Vapi could offer some insight into potential areas to investigate, such as configuration settings for the voice provider or the interaction between different components of the pipeline. It's also worth noting that Vapi is designed to handle a wide array of speech-to-text, large language model, and text-to-speech providers, giving developers the flexibility to choose the best tools for their specific use case. While I cannot provide a direct solution to the malfunctioning you experienced, exploring alternative configurations or voice providers, as you have done, is a recommended approach when facing such challenges.
@Sahil any update on this?
Can you try again and lmk if you are still facing this issue or not?
Issue still persist Another call-id: 47988b29-b908-468b-a006-b4fed11ae423
Glad I could be helpful. Feel free to create a new thread with any new questions you may have.