Is call forwarding not working
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I have some assistants set up and in the Vapi logs, it's showing the call forwarding, but at the point of forwarding, it just automatically hangs up.
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### Answer If your call forwarding is not working as expected, and the calls are hanging up at the point of forwarding despite the Vapi logs indicating the forwarding action, it could be due to a variety of reasons. It's important to ensure that your setup aligns with Vapi's call forwarding functionality as described in the documentation. 1. **Correct Setup**: Ensure that your
are correctly set up in your assistant's configuration. The forwarding functionality allows calls to be directed to different numbers based on specified conditions. Misconfiguration can lead to unexpected behavior, including calls being dropped during the forwarding process [(1)]() . 2. **Functional Limitations**: If you're using a trial or non-paid account with your telephony provider (e.g., Twilio), there might be restrictions that prevent call forwarding or limit its functionality. This is not directly related to Vapi but could be affecting the outcome of the forwarding action [(2)]() . 3. **SIP Calls and REFER**: If the calls originate from SIP and are intended to be forwarded via SIP REFER, ensure your receiving system can handle SIP REFER messages. Vapi supports SIP REFER for transferring SIP calls, but this requires correct configuration on both ends [(1)]() . 4. **Twilio Configuration**: If you're using Twilio and encountering issues, verify that you do not have restrictions or settings within Twilio that might be causing the calls to drop. This includes checking whether you have a paid account, as trial accounts might have limitations affecting forwarding functionality [(2)]() . If you've checked these aspects and are stil
l experiencing issues, reviewing detailed logs and configurations specific to your setup could provide further insights. Given the complexity of telephony integrations, small details can significantly impact functionality.
This was being tested successfully last week
which llm model you are using?
GPT4 Turbo
Can you send me a call_id?
Can you provide the number in correct format without () and dash and then give it a try?