Redirect the call to a person?
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Hi, I have a question about call forwarding functionality. I've seen that it can be done in the 'functions' section --> forwarding phone number, but I'm not sure how to tell the bot that in the event that a person says such and such, the call should be diverted to one of our real agents. Theres a video or something?
Hi @user., I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Call Forwarding]() * [Function Calling]() * [Outbound Sales Example]() * [Inbound Support Example]() -----------------------------
### Answer To redirect a call to a real agent based on certain conditions during a conversation using Vapi, you can use the
function, which is designed for exactly this purpose. This functionality is part of Vapi's extended capabilities to manage call flows effectively, including forwarding calls when specific criteria are met. Here's a basic outline of how to set this up, as documented: 1. Define the condition within the assistant's logic. You'll need to instruct the assistant on when to use the
function based on the conversation's context or specific triggers mentioned by the user. This involves prompt engineering, where you clearly state what the assistant should listen for to decide it's time to transfer the call [(1)]() . 2. Use the
. When the predefined conditions are met, you should use the
function to redirect the call to the desired phone number. This function can be used seamlessly within the conversation flow to initiate the transfer.
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  "model": {
    "messages": [
        "role": "system",
        "content": "When the user asks to be transferred, use the transferCall function."
  "forwardingPhoneNumber": "+16054440129"
Unfortunately, there isn't a direct mention of a video tutorial in the provided documentation. However, the provided steps and examples in the documentation should serve as a comprehensive guide to setting up call forwarding to real agents based on the conversation's context. For more specific or complex setups, referring directly to the [Function Calling]() documentation can provide further insights into tailoring the assistant's behavior to meet your requirements.