Get first name of the user
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How to get first name of the user on inbound calls
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### Answer Sorry, I wasn't able to find any information about your question.
You need to write the logic for it. What you need is a transient assistant, which means that whenever a call is made to your number then vapi will collect your assistant configuration from your server URL by making a request to your server URL along with the necessary parameters like their phone number. So, on the basis of their phone number, you can write the logic and modify it.
I think what you're saying is using phone number to make assistant dynamic?
Here's an example for my requirement: Customer calls the assistant and says their first name. Does your method mentioned work?
Yeah, my method will work.
I am having trouble finding how to trigger a function call when someone says their first name. Do we need to add function in the prompt whenever I need a specific answer?
Nope, we will insert all the necessary data related to the user beforehand in the System Prompt.
Please go through community video section Most probably, someone has already made a video on it.