How can we pick the one we want to use
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using many different eleven labs model
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### Answer To use different Eleven Labs models with Vapi, you can specify the model you want to use in the
object of your assistant's configuration. For Eleven Labs, you will need to set the
field to
and use the
field to specify the particular model you want to use. Here's a simplified example based on the assistant configuration structure:
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"voice": {
  "provider": "11labs",
  "voiceId": "your_model_id_here"
[(1)]() , [(2)]() Remember, the
should be replaced with the ID of the specific Eleven Labs model you want to utilize. If you have multiple models from Eleven Labs that you'd like to switch between, you'll need to update this configuration accordingly for each use case.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Just create a 11lab premium account and use your key and then simply use custom id of any voice which you want to use