Is there an easy way to change the default button ...
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Example as proof of concept, how can I use your 'big demo' button (attached) configuration within the const buttonConfig ? Any example that I can try? Thanks,
Hi @dangunadi, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. While a team member reviews this question, I'll look through relevant sources and see if I can provide suggestions.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Voice Widget Example]() * [Pizza Website Example]() * [Web]() * [Launch Screen Assets]() -----------------------------
### Answer Yes, you can customize the default button when using the Vapi Voice Widget by modifying the
object in the widget snippet. Here's an example that you can try:
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const buttonConfig = {
  position: "bottom-right", // Choose the button position on your page
  offset: "40px", // Distance from the edge
  width: "100px", // Button width
  height: "100px", // Button height
  idle: { 
    color: `rgb(93, 254, 202)`, // Button color when idle
    type: "round", // Button shape
    title: "Talk to us", // Button title text
    subtitle: "We're here to help", // Button subtitle text
    icon: `path_to_your_big_demo_button_image`, // Path to your custom button image
  loading: { 
    color: `rgb(93, 124, 202)`, // Button color when loading
    // Define other states as needed
  active: {
    color: `rgb(255, 0, 0)`, // Button color when active
    // Define other states as needed
Adjust the properties within
as needed to use your 'big demo' button configuration. Ensure to replace
with the actual path to your button image [(1)]() .
For POC, you can share the demo link of the demo assistant.
Glad I could be helpful. Feel free to create a new thread with any new questions you may have.