`ro` missing from language picker when using Deepg...
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I wanted to test VAPI in Romanian - and Deepgram should support it according to their docs: https://developers.deepgram.com/docs/models-languages-overview However, the language picker in the Dashboard doesn't have ro in it. Is this an oversight?
Hi @aandrei1, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. While a team member reviews this question, I'll look through relevant sources and see if I can provide suggestions. Please tag @Vapi Support with any follow-up questions.
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### Answer It seems like the issue you're facing might be specific to the Vapi Dashboard's current setup or configuration. While I can provide you with information on how Vapi's multilingual support works, including the selection of transcribers and text-to-speech voices, I don't have direct insight into the specific language offerings visible in the Vapi Dashboard or the reasons why Romanian (ro) may not be listed despite Deepgram's support [(1)]() . For this particular issue, I recommend reaching out directly to Vapi's support team for the most accurate and up-to-date assistance. They should be able to clarify the availability of Romanian language support in Vapi and assist with any dashboard configuration issues.
I have added it to the to-do list. It will be added to the list very soon.
perfect, thank you